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3321L uv big size 7 colors perfume bottles printer flatbed uv foam board wide format metal card printing

Short Description:

Japanese imported Ricoh GEN5 head for industrial production

CMYK W LC LM and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality printing

Hard anodized vacuuming platform to avoid damaging the platform by rigid materials

Auto height detection technology to detect print media thickness automatically

Automatic anti-static design to avoid dust ink drops flying

Advanced printhead anti-crash system to avoid the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material

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Product Specification

Product Model YC3321L
Printhead Technology Drop-on demand piezo electric
Printhead Control Printhead voltage is software adjustable
Printhead Type RICOH GEN5/GEN6/KM1024i/SEIKO1024GS
Printhead Number 2/3/4/5/6/8
Ink Characteristics UV Curing Ink 
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while printing/1000ml per color
Lamp UV LED lamp 
Color Control ICC based color, curves and density adjustment
Printhead Arrangement C M Y K LC LM W varnish optional        
Cleaning System Positive Pressure Cleaning
Guide Rail Taiwan HIWIN
Working Table Vacuum Sucking
Printing Size 3200*2000mm  
Print Interface USB2.0
Media Thickness 0-100mm, higher can be customized
Print Resolution 720*360dpi,720*720dpi,360*1080dpi,720*1080dpi,720*1440dpi,1440*1440dpi,360*2160dpi
Printing Speed 15sqm/h-30sqm/h
Life of Printed Image 3 years(outdoor),10years(indoor)
File Format TIFF,JPEG,Postscript3,EPS,PDF etc.
RIP Software RIP Print/ Photoprint optional
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz(10%) >15A
Operation Environment Temperature 20 to 28℃, Humidity 40% to 60%
Machine Dimension 5000*2830*1400
Weight 1500kg
Warranty 12 months exclude the consumables

Product details


Ricoh Industrial Print Head

Adopting gray level stainless steel internal heating industry head which has high performance in speed and resolution. It is suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running.


Hard Anodized Vacuuming Platform

Applied brand hard anodized vacuuming platform, it is applied to prevent scratches by hard materials, avoid damaging the platform by rigid materials.


Automatic Anti-collision Sensor

The safety anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance beforehand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard. After that, you can resume printer, which will help you save media.


Automatic Height Measurement System

The printer automatically measure with senses distance nozzle and media, which eliminate the procedure that we measure thickness by ourselves.


Automatic Anti-Static Device (Optional)

Automatic anti-static design to avoid dusk ink drops flying, which reduce the ink over spray caused by static, improve the print quality on some substrate.


Registration Pin (Optional)

Registration pin can be equiped with vacuum table that help to keep object in place easily at the zero position.

Other details

Automatic height measurement

Ajustable Holler

High Performance Lead Screw


Ultra Precision

Adopt Ricon GEN5 piezoelectric nozzle, one nozzle 384/1280 nozzles, the accuracy can reach 1440dpi, the new variable ink drop technology, provide 7/14/21pl ink dot size, can achieve high speed or low resolution cases can also easily achieve high quality picture, to achieve no point printing effect.

The Quality Control System

Product Design



Product Processing

NC sawing machine

cutting machine

processing accessories

lathe bed processing

cross beam processing

Sheet Metal Coating

welding technology

Product Assembly


Spray Board

wiring harness

connect wires

Product Assembly

table evenness detection

cross beam detection

color curve


Company Profile

Linyi Win-Win Machinery Co.,Ltd is founded in 2009 in Shandong Province, China. is a high-tech machinery manufacturer, integrated with the R&D, production, sales and maintenance in a whole. We mainly manufacture large format UV flatbed printers and OEM service is available.

We have 12 years experience in producing and exporting UV flatbed printers. With high quality printers and perfect service, our printers are welcome in Europe and Middle east and American market.

The UV flatbed printer is used to print on glass, ceramic tile, PVC ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood MDF board, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard, bamboo fiber board etc; and for flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, leather etc. UV flatbed printer is applied in decoration industry, glass industry,advertising&signs industry, leather, furniture and ceramic industry etc. All our printers are with

We endeavor to serve the needs of all people, especially to the customers and agents. By continually developing innovative technologies centering on the fields of printing machines, we strive to create high-quality products and perfect services to improve people's life.


Company Floor Area 20000㎡


Office Center 4000㎡

Production Center 12000㎡

CE certificate

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Product Description

YC3321L UV flatbed printer adopts high precision Ricoh industrial printhead, support multi-level grayscale printing, not easy to block the nozzle, long life, corrosion resistance, in UV printing accuracy and speed have a very good performance.And the use of advanced water cycle LED lamp curing device, so that the printing material is not affected by temperature, so as to ensure the printing quality.

The Ricoh sprinkler head has the printing function of white CMYK + varnish, the relief varnish effect is completed at one time, the imaging reduction degree is high and it is not easy to block the sprinkler head.By spraying three different sizes of ink droplets, contrast and image level can be improved, which can improve the clarity, brightness and color saturation of the picture.

Color, white, varnish three-layer printing can be carried out at a time, the need to print to transparent media, the use of reproducible color reducibility of white ink and varnish water for pretreatment, to get a more delicate printing effect, and varnish can better protect the coating.

The use of gloss oil makes the product more gorgeous gloss and "high gloss processing" effect, to achieve a unique high additional design, transparent gloss oil not only makes the surface of the whole picture has a gloss sense, but also can better protect the coating, so that the product is more durable.

By virtue of the advantages of the machine and the characteristics of UV printing technology itself, it can realize the uncoated printing under high-definition picture quality.UV printing technology breakthrough conventional advertising industry application, become high-end indoor and outdoor painting photo, advertising signs, home decoration and other industries the best choice.UV flatbed printer is widely used in glass, aluminum-plastic board, wood board, buckle plate, PVC, acrylic, ceiling, organic board, ceramic, foam board, metal plate, plastic, wall paper, brick, stone and other media can achieve fine print.

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