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2030H CMYK 4 color PVC industrial inkjet UV flatbed printing machine price

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NTEK YC2030H UV Printer is a type of hi-precision UV flatbed printer specially designed for personalized processing enterprises to meet their high accuracy and personalized requirements.

Equipped with Japanese Epson DX5/DX7/XP600 heads with 180 nozzles 6 or 8 channels. 3.5 Picoliter head nozzel provides a high- precision printing.

Use non-VOC environmental UV curing ink, clear and perfect printing quality, no bias color, no mixing color, waterproof, wear-resistant. this will be a new trend in the future.

UV curing ink can print in varies materials directly, it can easily replace part of the traditional screen printing applications and even get higher performance in color and productivity. With this big breakthrough against traditional tech, UV printing made great development in the personalized processing area such as: household appliances panel, furniture plate, suspended ceiling, floorboard, ceramic tile, etc.

In addition, the optional white ink mode and varnish mode also light up the multi-function of YC2030H.

Sectional vacuum suction platform, easily choose the vacuuming sections, good for various sizes of personalized printing; With full cover for bleeding printing, it will improve the utilization of materials.

Utilize high mute drag chain on X axis, ideal for protection of cable and tubes under high speed motion. With high performance, low noise, make the working environment more comfortable.

Use high precision mute liner guide rail, long service life, high stability, immensely decrease noise while printer is printing, within 40DB while printing.

With Full loop auto media thickness detectiveauto height control system and Auto skip function identify and evade the blank part, optional pipeline printing mode and Optional UV light irradiation power & Nozzle compensation function.

We chose IGUS chain, Panasonic servo motor, Megadyne synchronous belt, etc.

Emergency stop switches on the machine make it easy to stop operation from any corner of the printer.

Using multi-drop pixel technology to decreases the using amount of the ink, unlike the normal print mode consume more ink when printing.

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