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3321R Large Format YC3321R UV Hybrid Printer Roll to Roll Printing Machine

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Japanese imported Ricoh GEN5 head for industrial production.

CMYK W LC LM and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality printing .

Hard anodized vacuuming platform to avoid damaging the platform by rigid materials.

Auto height detection technology to detect print media thickness automatically.

Automatic anti-static design to avoid dust ink drops flying.

Advanced printhead anti-crash system to avoid the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material.

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Ntek YC3321R UV hybrid printer is one high precision and high speed industrial printer, with ultra wide printing format up to 3.3m, it also called UV flatbed and roll to roll printer, which based on UV flatbed printer, adds the function of printing roll material on the front, realize one machine with dual purposes for both flatbed materials and roll materials printing.

Our UV hybrid printer adopt original Japanese imported industrial grade gray-scale Ricoh G5/ G6 stainless steel internal heating head with high performance in speed and resolution, suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running. The ink droplet of Ricoh Gen5 head is 7-35pl, Ricoh Gen6 head is 5-15pl, with a higher printing resolution and faster printing speed.

With Ricoh Gen6 head, the printer will equip high configuration of liner motor and metal encoder strip, so the printing speed of Ricoh Gen6 head will be faster 40% than Ricoh Gen5 heads. With 8 color printing CMYK W LC LM and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality printing. Printheads can be with 2-16 heads, higher speed printing up to 80sqm/h to realize industrial production.

Our UV hybrid printer adopt high quality rubber roller to print at the same time, which guarantee the material not wrinkled and off-track. And the printer with anti-collision system, automatic height detection device, hard anodized vacuuming platform, anti-static function and registration pin is optional. Our printer with industry grade heavy duty structure ensure the precision and stability during printing.

Our UV hybrid printer can widely print on print on glass, ceramic tile, PVC, aluminum sheet, wood MDF board, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, paper board, foam board, corrugated cardboard, leather, banner flex, canvas, mesh paper, sticker, wallpaper, etc. And applied in decoration industry, glass industry, advertising & signs industry, leather, furniture and ceramic industry etc.

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