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2513H Ntek Newest 3D Printer Glass Photo UV Printing Machine Price

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Equipped with Japanese Epson DX5/DX7/XP600, Ricoh GH2220/Gen5 or Toshiba CE4 head

CMYK white and varnish optional for glossy surface and high quality printing

Vacuum bed to hold the flexible media like PVC, foam board, acrylic sheet etc.

With white ink stir function and ink level alarm function

Use high precision mute liner guide rail, long service life, high stability

Can print on Leather, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramic Tiles, PVC, Acrylic etc.

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Ntek YC2513H is an economic type, it is high cost performance compare with other machines. It can use Epson Dx7, Dx5, Xp600 heads, Toshiba, Ricoh GH2220, and Ricoh Gen5. with 2-8 heads. If you want high speed, and lower budget, you can choose this one. And if you want Ricoh Gen5 , it is also available with Cyan Magenta Yellow, black and white with high speed high precision printing.

This machine printing size is 2.5m*1.3m, the table X axis is 2.5m, Y axis is 1.3m, it is Vacuum suction table with 6 sectional zone, with aluminium material. We can also make the blowing air conversion function used for loading and unloading heavy materials easily and safety.

In addition, the machine have the white ink circulation system, and ink level alarm system. And the ink cartridge capacity is 1000ml for industrial production easily. And can be refilled when printing.  

If you want CMYK white and varnish configuration , we recommend the Epson XP600 or Ricoh Gh2220 printhead. Equipped with 4 pieces of UV led lamp, 2 big one for the color ink curing and 2 small ones for varnish curing. If you only need CMYK White, then all the printheads are optional for this printer.

YC2513H UV Flatbed printer with Korean made UV led lamp used for the ink Curing. With our own ink testing for the best ICC file to realize the perfect color printing effect.

Korean made UV LED lamps with longer life time, which can reach to 30000 hours for working. This digital UV printing machine use high mute linear guide rail made in Taiwan HIWIN, with BEIDI belt. The crossbeam of this machine is thick and strong, which makes the machine operation in good status for stable long term working.

Cylindrical bottles and cups printing are available, just add the rotary device according to the request of customers product, the speed can reach to 100-200 bottles per hour. And we can provide whole solution customized equipment for our customers as well.

YC2513H is a best choice for customer with low budget for high precision printing work. 

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