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High speed multicolor multifunction industrial inkjet ceramic plate printing machine

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Product Specification

Product Model YC2513
Printhead Technology Drop-on demand piezo electric
Printhead control Printhead voltage is software adjustable
Printhead Type Ricoh Gen5
Printhead Number 2-8
Ink Characteristics UV Curing Ink 
Ink reservoirs Refillable on the fly while printing/1000ml per color
LED UV Lamp more than 20000-hours life 
Color Control ICC based color,curves and density adjustment
Printhead arrangement CMYK W Varnish optional       10-12sqm/h
Cleaning System Automatic Cleaning System, Automatic Dry-preventing System
Guide Rail Taiwan HIWIN
Working Table Vacuum Sucking
Printing Size 2500*1300mm  
Print Interface USB2.0
Media Thickness 0-100mm
Print Resolution 360dpi, 720dpi,1440dpi,2160dpi 
Life of printed image 3 years(outdoor),10years(indoor)
File Format TIFF,JPEG,Postscript,EPS,PDF etc.
RIP Software UltraPrint/ Photoprint/ Onyx
Power Supply 220V 50/60Hz(10%)
Power 3100W
Operation Environment Temperature 20 to 30℃,Humidity 40% to 60%
Machine Dimension 3950*2150*1350mm  
Packing Dimension 4100*2250*1670mm 
Weight 1000kg
Warranty 13 months exclude the consumables

Product details


Ricoh Print Head

Adopting gray level Ricoh stainless steel internal heating industry head which has high performance in speed and resolution. It is suitable for long-time working, 24 hours running.



German IGUS Energy Chain

Germany IGUS Mute Drag ChainUtilize Germany IGUS mute drag chain on X axis, ideal for protection of cable and tubes under high speed motion. With high performance, low noise, make the working environment more comfortable.


Automatic Anti-Static Device (Optional)

Automatic anti-static design to avoid dusk ink drops flying, which reduce the ink over spray caused by static, improve the print quality on some substrate.



All Steel Integrated Body Structure

All steel integrated body structure are much solid, will not deformed during transportation.The flatness error is within 0.05 mm,to ensure the flatness and straightness.


High Precision Screw Rod

Adopting dual-level precision screw rod and imported Panasonic servo synchronous motors, ensure the screws rod on the both sides of Y axis synchronous running.


Sectional Aluminum Alloy Vacuuming Platform

Sectional vacuum suction platform, easily choose the vacuuming sections, good for various sizes of personalized printing; it will improve the utilization of materials.

Other details


Ajustable Holler

Automatic Height Measurement

Printhead Anti-collision

Automatic Origin Positioning

Ink Double Negative Pressure Control System

The advantages of  our uv flatbed printing machine

1. UV flatbed printer use Ricoh Gen5 printhead, without prehead boot on the run, save time and energy;

2. LED UV lamp without preheat boot on the run, with long use life, save time and energy;3. UV ink, environmental and no-odor release, instant curing, and not easily fade;

4. Can use white ink, with self circulation and self shaking function, avoid the white ink to be precipitate and stocking the printhead;

5. UV flatbed printer Z-axis height can easily lift up and down, the existing height of 100mm, higher can be customized;

6. UV flatbed printer hyperfine printing and high efficiency with 1440dpi;

Good aftersales service, provide assistance on-line or phone, and periodical visiting by email.

More Applications

UV flatbed printer Printed materials could be: glass, ceramic, ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood board, door sheet,metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, Plexiglass, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard;flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, cloth,carpet, sticky note, reflective film, leather etc. all kinds sheet materials and coiled materials. 

UV printer for wood applicable material

The UV flatbed printer is used to print on glass, ceramic tile, PVC ceiling, aluminum sheet, wood MDF board, metal panel, billboard, acrylic panel, paper board, foam board, PVC expansion board, corrugated cardboard, bamboo fiber board etc; and for flexible materials such as PVC, canvas, leather etc

Customer feedback

Ultra Precision

Adopt Ricon GEN5 piezoelectric nozzle, one nozzle 384/1280 nozzles, the accuracy can reach 1440dpi, the new variable ink drop technology, provide 7/14/21pl ink dot size, can achieve high speed or low resolution cases can also easily achieve high quality picture, to achieve no point printing effect.

The Quality Control System

Product Design



Product Processing

NC sawing machine

cutting machine

processing accessories

lathe bed processing

cross beam processing

Sheet Metal Coating

welding technology

Product Assembly


Spray Board

wiring harness

connect wires

Product Assembly

table evenness detection

cross beam detection

color curve


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CE certificate

Our Exhibition & Team

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1.How long does the printing images will last outdoors and indoor?
The printing images can last at least 3 years outdoors, and more than 10 years indoor.

2.What is the cost of ink for printing on the materials?
Normally it is around 0.5-1usd per square meter for ink cost.

3.How about the stability and quality of the printing images?
This UV flatbed printer can used to print on most of medias with best quality, durability, best result.

4.How about the maintance and aftersales service?
Our engineer available service overseas, and we can provide remote control service and online service for customers. But costomer has to be responsible for the accommodation and transportation costs of the technical staff.

5.Are you a manufacturer or trade agent?
We are the manufacturer of UV flatbed printers.

6.Is there any guarantee for this printer?
Yes, we have guarantee for the printer. We provide 13 months warranty for all the electronic parts including the main board, driver board, control board, motor, etc, except the consumables, such as ink pump, printhead, ink filter, and slide block etc.

7.How can I install and start to use the printer?
Normally we will arrange technician for installation and training in your factory. or you can read the users' manual to understand the machine. If you need any help, our technician can help you via Teamviewer. Whenever you have questions to the machine, you can contact our technician or me directly.

8.Can I get supplies and wearing parts from you?
Yes, we provide all the wearing parts for our printers always and they are in stock.

9.How will you achieve the warranty?
If any electronics or a mechanical part is confirmed to be broken, Ntek should send the new part within 48hours by express like TNT, DHL, FEDEX .etc to the buyer. And the shipping cost should be born by the buyer.

10.What kinds of materials need premier before printing?
Glass, ceramic, metel, acrylic, marble etc

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