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  • Why choose Ntek printers

    1. Professional technical research and development team to provide a full range of industry solutions With more than ten years of talent accumulation, the company has a group of professional R&D technical personnel in software and hardware, providing reliable, high-quality, independent and p...
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  • Factors that determine the printing accuracy of UV flatbed printers

    As a high-precision printing equipment, the uv flatbed printer must have a complete set of precision measurement system standards. For example, the size of the ink dots of the uv printer nozzle, whether the diagonal lines are equal, the clarity of the picture quality, the clarity of small charact...
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  • The Importance of The Right Printhead

    The Importance of The Right Printhead

    One of the most essential components in any printing job is the printhead – which type of printhead is used greatly affects the overall outcome of the project. Here’s what you need to know about different printheads and how to select the most appropriate one for your specific printing project. Wh...
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  • Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

    Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

    How to buy UV flatbed printer?  Various channels to collect information, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, what is the difference, how to buy their own satisfaction, and value for money of the machine, this is a lot of want to buy UV flatbed printer customers want to know.  When b...
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  • Advanced printheads for today and tomorrow

    Advanced printheads for today and tomorrow

    When considering what printer to buy, understanding what type of printhead is used can help you to make an informed decision. There are two main types of printhead technology, using either heat or a Piezo element. All Epson printers use a Piezo element as we think it offers the best performance. ...
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  • Correct operation of UV flatbed printers when print special material

    UV flatbed printer is the most mature type of UV printer, and also has the reputation of “universal printer”. However, even if it is a universal device in theory, in actual operation, when encountering some media with unusual materials and specifications, the operator of the UV flatbe...
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  • Three key trends in UV LED printing technology

    Three key trends in UV LED printing technology

    UV LED printing is having a particularly strong impact on the sign graphics market, with adoption on the rise. The technology is ideally suited to many of the demands of a post-pandemic print industry. ...
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  • Why we use Ricoh G5i print head

    Why we use Ricoh G5i print head

    Ricoh G5i is the latest nozzle developed by Ricoh, using MEMS technology, 320 x 4 rows of 1,280 nozzles, 3.0 pl ink drop size.2.7 cm print wide. There are two sets of 600npi with a staggered arrangement of 300npi nozzles per row.   * Ricoh G5i print head is 4 colors/channels, so can print 4 colo...
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  • What are the reasons of uv printer color deviation?

    In the daily use of UV printers, we will find that the printed pattern and the actual production of the image color bias is very large. So what causes it? 1. The problem of ink. Due to some inks pigment composition is not proportional and coupled with the ink in the cartridge string color, result...
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  • The advantages of Ntek UV printer for plastic printing

    Ntek UV printer for plastic printing, which avoids the traditional printing process and plate making process, product printing effect is more efficient and faster, the main advantages are showing as follows.   1. Simple and convenient to operate, no need plate making and repeated color set proces...
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  • What is the printing principle of UV printer?

    What is the printing principle of UV printer?

    UV printer as a new printing industry, because of its simple operation, printing speed, very popular in the printing market, but you know what is the printing principle of UV printer?  Here is a simple introduction to Ntek UV printer.   UV printer printing is divided into three pieces. They are:...
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  • Why choose our Ntek UV printer?

    With the continuous progress of the times, more and more people begin to choose to use UV flatbed printer to replace eco Solvent Printer and other printers. However, there are many UV printer companies in China, why do customers choose our Ntek printers? The following three points may help you: 1...
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