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UV printer maintenance method


01 The maintenance method of the machine shut down during holidays within 3 days:

① Press the ink, wipe the surface of the print head and print a test strip before shutting down
② Pour an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid into the surface of a clean lint-free cloth, wipe the nozzle, and remove the ink and attachments on the nozzle surface
③ Turn off the car and lower the front of the car to the lowest level. Tighten the curtains and use a cover (black) to cover the front of the car to prevent light from hitting the nozzles.
Shut down according to the above handling method, and the continuous shutdown time shall not exceed 3 days.
④ If the shutdown time is over 3 days, you must turn on the machine, perform ink cleaning, and print the status of the nozzle. The number of ink injections should not be less than 3 times.
⑤ After confirming that the nozzle status is correct, normal production can be carried out.
⑥ If you need to continue the shutdown, print the monochrome color block diagram first. Then shut down according to the shutdown process.
⑦ The continuous maintenance time of this method should not exceed 7 days. If the shutdown time is 2-7 days, turn on the machine every 2 days according to the above method. It is better if the frequency can be shortened (note: the ink must be checked during continuous standby).

02 The maintenance method of the machine shut down during holidays for more than 7 days:

① If the shutdown time is more than 7 days, you need to clean and moisturize the print head. You need to empty all the ink inside the print head, use the special UV cleaning fluid, inject the cleaning fluid from the ink inlet into the print head, and discharge from the ink discharge end from the inside of the print head. A part of the cleaning fluid must be discharged from the nozzle with enough cleaning fluid to clean the previous ink. Observe that the discharged cleaning fluid is transparent, and then use a needle tube to empty the cleaning fluid inside the nozzle to ensure that there is nothing inside the nozzle. The cleaning fluid remains.
② After the cleaning fluid is drained, screw on the plug, and then slowly inject the moisturizing fluid into the special nozzle, and the moisturizing fluid can flow out of the nozzle into a droplet shape (Note: the pressure should not be too high, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged).
③ After injecting the moisturizing liquid, quickly insert the ink tube onto the ink valve to ensure that the ink valve of the secondary ink cartridge is closed to ensure the tightness, and then wrap the acrylic (KT board) with cling film for 8-10 times and keep it dust-free The cloth is inked, pour an appropriate amount of moisturizing liquid on the dust-free cloth, press the trolley onto the dust-free cloth, and just touch it
④ Preparation before maintenance
Supplies preparation: 1 roll of cling film, 1L of cleaning fluid, 1L of moisturizing fluid, 1 pair of disposable gloves, 2 disposable cups, 2 acrylic plates (KT plates), 1 50ML syringe, (the number of cleaning fluids depends on each nozzle Determined by the number, be sure to clean it).

03 Matters needing attention when cleaning the nozzle:

① Drain the nozzle ink method: when cleaning the nozzle, use an unused 50ML disposable syringe to unscrew the ink tube connected to the filter at the lower end of the secondary ink cartridge, open the plug at the nozzle exhaust pipe, and then use a syringe to insert the nozzle into the nozzle. Drain the ink first (Note: When cleaning, the nozzle terminal and cable can not stick to the cleaning fluid, take precautions in advance)
② To clean the nozzle, use a syringe to suck a syringe cleaning liquid, and then slowly inject it from the ink inlet, and then discharge it. Repeat 3-4 times to observe that the cleaning liquid discharged from the nozzle and the ink discharge port is transparent, and then use a needle tube to The cleaning liquid inside the nozzle is completely drained to ensure that there is no cleaning liquid residue in the nozzle.
③ After the cleaning fluid is drained, screw on the plug, and then slowly inject the special nozzle moisturizing liquid from the ink inlet, and drain the moisturizing liquid from the surface of the nozzle in a droplet shape, and then quickly screw the upper end of the filter with a plug to be in a sealed state .
④ Print a test strip for file before cleaning the nozzle. Make sure that the nozzles are in good condition, wind more than 8 layers on the acrylic board (KT board), then pour in an appropriate amount of moisturizing liquid, move the car head to the machine platform and lower the nozzle lightly on the plastic wrap to moisturize (refer to the following video for details), and finally Turn off the main power of the equipment and cover the front of the car with a shading cloth to prevent dust and light.

Post time: Sep-28-2021