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Will i3200 print heads completely replace DX5 in various fields?

Who is the sales champion of domestic photo machine nozzles? Many industry experts may not hesitate to name the Epson Fifth Generation Head. As a print head with excellent quality, stability and durability, only 3.5pl ink drop, high precision and sufficient supply.

When Epson’s fifth-generation sprinklers were launched around 2008, they have almost become the symbol and pronoun of piezoelectric photo printers, and they have won the sales champion of photo printers for more than ten years. Although countless high-quality photo printer nozzles have emerged in the past ten years, and there are no shortage of eye-catching ones, after all, due to various reasons, they have not been able to match and match the five generation heads! However, in the field of science and technology, from material science to precision assembly technology, there has been continuous innovation and progress. It is the inevitable development of the world to replace the old with the new, and there is no eternal first.

In 2018-2020, EPSON-i3200 print heads began to be promoted and applied globally. Once this print head was launched, it has attracted the attention of leaders in the domestic digital printing industry! What are the highlights of this nozzle? Today, let us take you again to understand this nozzle:

i3200 vs DX5 head

Name I3200 DX5
Appearance of printhead  i3200

I3200 series

I means:Innovate

innovative, new technical architecture

3200 means:the number of printhead is 3200


Number of nozzles 3200 nozzles, four pairs of 8 rows of nozzles, single row of 400 holes. 1400 nozzles,8 rows of nozzles, each row of 180 nozzles.
Ink drop size 2.5pl small ink drop, higher precision. 3.5pl small ink drop, high precision.
Ink drop characteristics Closer to a circular ink dot, the picture is smoother. Normal dot.
Printing speed 26-33 square/hour single nozzle 4pass no feathering speed. 13-16 square/hour single nozzle 4pass no feathering speed.
Printhead width Effective width is 1.3 inches. Width up to 24.5mm (approximately 0.965 inches).
Printhead accuracy The third-generation piezoelectric technology, using precision core micro-film piezoelectric printing chip, 2.5pl variable point up to high-definition image level, 3200dpi accuracy. The second generation of micro piezoelectric technology

, the ink drop size of 3.5PL, comparable to the effect of high-definition photos, the accuracy as small as 0.2mm, no matter how small the material, it can perfectly print a satisfactory pattern.

applicability i3200-E1- Eco-solvent version nozzle (enhanced corrosion resistance to internal materials and special glue).

I3200-A1-Water-based version (A in A1: stands for aqueous, water-based).

i3200-U1-UV printing version (enhanced adaptability to high-viscosity ink).

It is suitable for water-based, oil-based, solvent, UV, paint, thermal sublimation, etc. It is a multi-purpose print head.
Printhead features The color blocks are cleaner and smoother, and the ejected ink droplets are close to a perfect circle, and the image is accurately positioned. It supports variable ink drop technology to achieve multi-gray printing, reduce the graininess of the image, and the color transition is smoother, bringing high saturation and gorgeousness Color output. The second generation of micro piezoelectric technology, the core technology was born at the end of the 20th century, and the relative printing speed is slightly slower.

It can be seen from the above comparison that after the optimization, improvement and upgrade of this nozzle by the EPSON nozzle factory, and the parameter comparison, the advantages of the i3200 nozzle are very obvious. A high-speed, high-precision and high-durability print head has become a rigid demand for the photo processing industry!

High speed, high quality and stable performance.

i3200 is divided into three categories, UV water-based weak solvent.

Genuine authorization is guaranteed, and technical upgrades show strength.

20201206145039_32041 20201206145101_35216

Epson i3200 series has 3 different models corresponding to different applications. The i3200-A1 nozzle is suitable for water-based ink, the i3200-U1 nozzle is suitable for UV ink, and the i3200-E1 is suitable for eco-solvent ink.

Post time: Nov-13-2021