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Which u v machine best for metal mdf pvc tiles

Ntek is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights and integrates research and development, production and sales. It brings together excellent talents in the digital printing equipment industry. Its RESEARCH and development team has 10 years of industry experience.For digital products shell, domestic outfit building materials, advertising, handicrafts and other industries with the mature printing solutions, competitive in the market, the accumulation of customers good reputation and brand image, and actively increase the market share in other countries and regions in the world, at the same time steadily to become the world’s leading industrial digital printing solutions to business,NTEK UV flatbed printer printing metal material, PVC four advantages!


1. High quality, high efficiency and high precision.

Japanese original steel industrial grade sprinkler head, accuracy up to 1440dpi, color gamut expanded to 8 colors, color restoration is flawless, nozzle calibration is more simple, bring optimized printing performance and speed.Can make a lot of work in a short period of time easily completed.


2.Excellent printing quality.

Metal signage printer adopts ink point control technology, the output image is more perfect, the bright part is more delicate, the dark part is more bright, the transition color is more natural.The minimum 7PL ink drop lets you barely see the ink spot, excellent print quality comparable to photos, smooth gradient and fine detail performance 50% less ink cost than a six-color system, uniform solid color density performance.


3.White ink printing.

To achieve the printing of a variety of colored or transparent media flexible white ink at the same time for flexible hard materials can be set up a printing of two layers, three layer mode (color and white can be combined on demand) to increase the concave and convex printing effect.


4.Safe and reliable printing protection.

Programmed design of UV shutter system, effective protection of operation and print head sensitive nozzle protection design, prevent abnormal protruding to the print head damage, fully closed system, more safe.

Post time: Jul-30-2021