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What kind of working environment does UV printer need? 


Ntek designs and develops various types of UV flatbed printer, including advertising logo color printing machine, signs printing machine, ceramic printing machine, glass printing machine, backdrop printing machine, phone shell printing machine , toy printing machine, crystal photo printing machine.

Ntek UV flatbed printer is widely used in home decoration & building materials industry processing, tile backdrop printing, mobile phone shell printing, handicraft printing, advertising color printing industry. We offer high-quality products,while providing you with complete sets of industry solution.

Here below is some main points for the UV printer working environment attentions, when customer use printer, pls noted the below:

1. Air temperature, temperature as far as possible to control between 18-30°;  Not too hot, not too cold;  Too hot easy to cause ink curing, clogging nozzle;  Too cold, it will affect the fluency of the ink, maintain a good working temperature, can make the ink in a very smooth state of work. 

2. Air humidity, control between 30%-50%;  Do not work in too dry environment, because it is easy to produce static electricity, affect the printing effect, such as acrylic, wood, metal plate, glass and so on are easy to produce static electricity. 

3. Air quality, working environment do not have too much dust, particles;  Air flow is small, not to produce air convection, causing the printing of flying ink. 

4. Flatness of the ground, the more flat the better.  Or adjust the height of the four wheels under the machine, and then fixed dead!  This machine will not shake in the work, to ensure the quality of printing! 

5. The voltage of the working environment needs a stable voltage. It is recommended that customers equip themselves with a transformer to prevent the failure of electrical parts such as machine boards caused by voltage instability or sudden discontinuity. 

Post time: Oct-12-2022