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What kind of effect can UV digital printer make?

The powerful functions of uv printers are already well-known, and the following four effects can be made from uv printers: plain ordinary color printing effect, flat 3D color printing effect, relief 3D effect, dynamic 5D effect for analysis, and once again feel its shocking function.

1. Plain ordinary color printing effect

The uv printer has the printing function of an ordinary color printer and can print any pattern. Unlike ordinary color printers, the printing format of uv printers is much larger. In the past, some materials with limited color printing can now be printed in color with uv printers. NS.


2. Flat 3D color printing effect

The plane 3D color printing effect is different from the plane normal color printing effect. The 3D effect looks three-dimensional and realistic. The plane 3D color printing effect is achieved by printing the 3D effect pattern with a UV printer.

3D museum03

3. Relief 3D effect

The relief 3D effect focuses on the “relief”, as the name implies, the pattern is floating on the material, like the effect after engraving, the production process is to use a UV printer to accumulate ink to make the pattern engraved and embossed. There are many parts that need relief. Just print it once or twice. The bigger difference between the embossed 3D effect and the flat 3D effect is that the embossed 3D effect feels bumpy to the touch, while the flat 3D effect feels flat.


4. Dynamic 5D effect

The 5D effect in the UV industry usually refers to the moving pattern effect. Some people may ask, is this dynamic 5D effect really produced by a UV printer. Yes, this is the credit of the uv printer. A special material must be used when making a dynamic 5D effect. Set the pattern and material point-to-point, line-to-line, and start printing after setting through the uv printer. After printing, the finished product is finished.


The above four are ordinary effects that uv printers can produce. In addition, uv printers can also produce many unexpected effects. Maybe you bring the product to the factory for on-site printing tests. An unprecedented printing effect was born Your product is also uncertain, everything is possible with uv printers.



Post time: Aug-09-2021