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The difference between heat transfer printing and UV printing


First, you need to understand the principles of heat transfer and UV printing.

Heat transfer printing: Heat transfer printing is the first color pattern printed on the heat-resistant substrate, generally thin film material, but also need to go through release treatment, and then combined with special transfer equipment to hot stamping pattern transfer to the surface of the product. So this printer technology is called “heat transfer”. Heat transfer printing needs to be equipped with a hot stamping machine, baking machine, cup baking machine and other supporting products to use, different products need to go through the corresponding process.

UV printing: UV printing is to directly print the desired pattern on the surface of the product through special and UV ink, similar to the principle of ordinary printers, but the specific process, materials and supplies are very different.

Secondly, to compare their own simple process, choose a more suitable printing method.

Heat transfer printing: The process is mainly divided into coating (some products can not need coating) → printing pattern to substrate film → hot stamping with heat transfer machine → finished products, waiting for the pattern to dry

UV printing: coating (individual products need to use coating) → print the pattern directly with UV printer → the finished product is immediately desirable

Finally, Xiaobian gives you a general overview of the application industry.

Heat transfer printing: It is currently used in plastics, toys, electrical appliances, gifts, food packaging, clothing and other industries. Its advantage is that it can be printed on curved and irregular surfaces.

UV printing: mainly used in mobile phone case, ceramic tile, glass, metal, building materials, advertising, leather, wine bottle and many other industries, its advantage lies in immediate desirable, convenient operation. Can achieve instant play and dry, mass production.

Post time: Jan-06-2023