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Shanghai APPPEXPO 2021 will be back in Shanghai in July.

NTEK Digital, as the industry’s advanced UV digital printing equipment manufacturer and high-end brand, has built UV flatbed printer, UV guide belt printer, UV flat roll integrated printer, with high speed, high precision and high stability is recognized by the market.In this exhibition, NTEK Digital will bring a number of UV digital printers to participate in the exhibition, to provide customers with high-quality UV printing equipment and complete UV printing application solutions, to help users comprehensively enhance the business value.

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New UV flatbed printer

The application of a new scheme to achieve industrial automation production

Higher efficiency, fewer processes and lower costs

See extraordinary efficiency

Elegant simple appearance, classic black and gray color scheme, appearance level line

Special heavy-duty frame and fine steel guide rail beam, the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable

High quality imported motor and double guide rail design

The car runs faster and more smoothly

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What he saw was vivid, not just extraordinary

In addition to the simple atmosphere of the new appearance

Little details are clearly displayed, and diversified colors are delicately presented

Fadeless, wide color gamut, true environmental protection

Skilled application of high quality industrial sprinkler head

The picture is exquisite and lifelike, and the picture quality is mellow and full

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Multi-scheme application, more elastic, more flexible

Custom nozzle configuration, compatible with a variety of nozzle arrangement

Tailored from customer needs, the more printing, the more leisurely

Have a firm grasp of software, hardware, machinery, ink and solutions

Core technologies for dimensions

Industrial digital inkjet application to achieve the landing conversion

Truly meet the diversified application needs of customers

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I chose NTEK not only because of the speed,

Consider the profit per square meter.

Faster production speed, higher printing quality, multiple application solutions,

Broad material adaptability, competitive ink prices and unimaginable stability,

NTEK digital, UV printing quality benchmark, help customers win the UV printing market.

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Post time: Jul-19-2021