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Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

How to buy UV flatbed printer?  Various channels to collect information, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, what is the difference, how to buy their own satisfaction, and value for money of the machine, this is a lot of want to buy UV flatbed printer customers want to know.  When buying, we need to know that the price of UV flatbed printer is not the only criterion, so what are the skills to buy UV flatbed printer?  The following small series for everyone to introduce:

1. Compare prices UV flatbed printers price depends on the quality of the machine, we do not want to buy a cheap UV flatbed printers and blindly pursuing price, a penny a points goods, spend how many money to get the results, this is the eternal truth, heaven won’t fall pie, god is fair to anyone,  Now on the market of the machine has the branch of industrial machines, and in the, in the general not more than thousand, industrial machine is generally more than 200000, the head of the industry, for example, is now the mainstream of Ricoh nozzle, a nozzle is twenty thousand, general machine with four heads is 80000, and a machine in the total price is the price, what do they have a superman method of cost savings,  The manufacturer that sells a machine is affirmation won’t tell you, because what they use is the Epson nozzle that photo machine uses, a machine is 2 nozzle, add up to be less than ten thousand pieces, this is huge difference, because tens of thousands of dollars may regret unceasingly sometimes.  It should be noted that in order to effectively avoid buying modified or second-hand UV flatbed printers, it should be filtered out of UV flatbed printer prices below the market price of the machine.  And the number of nozzles is also one of the important factors to determine the price of UV printer. We can increase or decrease the nozzles appropriately according to our printing needs, and finally choose a good ricoh UV flatbed printer for yourself. 

2. On-site proofing if conditions allow, it is best for us to choose a good picture and then go directly to UV flatbed printer manufacturers for proofing.  This can prevent some sellers can not do a good sample, will be in the name of the customer to other UV printer manufacturers to do proofing, and then send the sample to us, is their own machine production, to deceive us. 

3. Visit the factory and see the r&d capability of the factory.  When we buy, we can have some deep communication with the technical personnel of UV flatbed printer manufacturers. We can put forward some in-depth problems to discuss. How the strength of the other side is, and it is not professional. 

4. When we buy UV flatbed printer, we must refer to the manufacturer, price, performance, stability, configuration, after-sales service and other conditions to choose the most suitable UV flatbed printer.  Different models of machine configuration is different, the price is not the same, the price of each manufacturer is different, it is recommended to fully consider the above reference conditions when choosing.  You should know, to choose a scale, quality, strength of UV flatbed printer manufacturers. 

Post time: Jul-25-2022