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Leather printing why more and more people choose UV flatbed printer


Leather printing is a typical application case of UV flatbed printer.With the development of society and changes in aesthetics, people's fashion concept is also constantly changing, and the demand and love for leather personalized printing products are also growing.With the development of inkjet printing technology, leather printing is no longer a problem.A high precision, high speed UV flatbed printer, enough to meet the needs of such personalized consumption.

Common leather varieties are PVC leather, cow leather, soft leather, synthetic leather, PU leather.In the production process of using UV printer to print leather, the corresponding ink should be selected according to the soft and hard degree of leather material.Generally speaking, soft ink is often used for soft leather materials to meet the needs of flexibility. For hard leather materials, hard ink is generally used to increase the wear resistance of the surface. Of course, some leather will use neutral ink.


The traditional printing process in the leather industry is screen printing rather than UV printing, but screen printing generally has a single color, the transition color is not natural.Large leather printing machine equipment is expensive, high requirements for the leather material itself.Thermal transfer will destroy the leather material, the leather surface properties will cause different degrees of damage.UV flatbed printers solve the above problems, making leather printing more convenient and expressive according to personality.

The emergence of the UV printer for printing leather provides a small batch of personalized printing industry solutions, quick response to the demands of consumers, without plate so as to shorten the delivery cycle, along with the gender of the print pattern change can highlight the personality requirements of the new era, the UV flat-panel printers in leather printing market has a huge market space.


Post time: May-10-2021