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How to judge the performance of UV Flatbed Printing Machine

In the current development of UV flatbed printer market for many years, there are great differences in the price of the machine.When choosing UV flatbed printer, be sure to understand this machine.A good UV flatbed printer, in the machine parts and software facilities are more quality assurance and relatively high cost investment.


In the industry, a good UV flatbed printer frame to achieve all-steel integration body, to ensure that in the process of use, the platform of the machine for a long time does not deform.The guide rails and motors used are all well-known brands or imported products.The nozzle is also a key node in the printing process.Some businesses in order to reduce costs will shoddy, which directly affects the printing effect of the machine and production costs.



We can also judge the comprehensive performance of a machine through the printing test of the machine, and the printing accuracy of UV flatbed printer is a good reflection in the industry.Can print fine font, can print very small font without pasting off the shadow, is a relatively excellent UV flatbed printer.Print the same line with different precision to see if there is any misalignment.A good UV flatbed printer can be in one location with different precision.And in the case of continuous printing, the printing of a good UV flatbed machine does not slow down.



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Post time: Jun-03-2021