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Digital UV printer White+CMYK+Varnish technology

With the printer equipment manufacturing and nozzle technology more and more mature, the effect of UV printer than the traditional printing more environmental protection, convenient and personalized, here about UV printer white light technology.



White color light, as the name implies is: white ink, cmyk ink, varnish.White ink, cmyk ink and varnish can be printed at one time without plate-making, plate printing and repeated color matching. The prominent three-dimensional relief effect and the use of delicate varnish to touch the eyes make the picture beautiful, highlighting the good performance of the printer and the excellent technology of the operator.

The printer sequence of white color light is: white – cmyk - varnish.Because when the bearing medium is other colors than white, it is necessary to lay a white bottom first.If the white background is not laid, the cmyk ink directly contacts the colored medium, which will make the color change, so that the actual print color is not the same as the original requirement.So when the bearing medium is colored, you need to play white ink, and then play cmyk ink, and finally play varnish.If the customer requires that the relief effect is obvious, you need to make more white ink: first, when you can configure the sprinkler head, you need to make more white ink sprinkler head;Second, you can repeat the white ink several times, the purpose is to make the amount of white ink enough, so that the relief effect is more obvious, 3D/5D/8D effect is also reflected.If the customer requires that the brightness is good enough, it is also configured with a pluralprinthead of printing varnish or two times more varnish, so that the picture can be more glossiness, more vivid.



White light printing, looks simple, but now on the market can really do white light smooth printing equipment manufacturers less than 50%.So friends in the purchase of UV printer, need to choose according to their actual speed, printing effect and equipment budget price to reasonable choice.Some UV printers are very cheap, but can not achieve white light three layers of a printing, at the same time in the long-term production process, there may be equipment instability, frequent blocking nozzle situation, so not only can not save costs for you, create value, but also increase trouble, reduce productivity.Therefore, the white color printer has high requirements of friends, UV printer choice needs to be careful, need to consider from the long-term use.

I hope that friends can buy a cost-effective UV printer to create higher benefits!


Post time: May-27-2021