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Factors that determine the printing accuracy of UV flatbed printers

As a high-precision printing equipment, the uv flatbed printer must have a complete set of precision measurement system standards.

For example, the size of the ink dots of the uv printer nozzle, whether the diagonal lines are equal, the clarity of the picture quality, the clarity of small characters, the degree of color reproduction of the picture quality, etc. are all standards to measure the accuracy of the uv printer. So what are the factors that affect the accuracy of the uv printer? Let’s analyze it below:

1. Printhead accuracy

At present, the uv printer nozzles on the market include Japan’s Epson, Japan’s Seiko, Japan’s Ricoh, Japan’s Toshiba, Japan’s Kyocera and other mainstream nozzles. Different nozzles have different precisions. The nozzle accuracy consists of two aspects, the volume of ink droplets PL value and the number of ink dots DPI resolution.

1) PL value of ink droplet volume: The finer the ink droplet, that is, the finer the nozzle orifice, the smaller the PL value (the PL volume unit is picoliter), and the higher the accuracy.

2) DPI resolution: The number of ink dots per square inch is referred to as DPI. The larger the DPI, the higher the accuracy.

At present, there are Japanese Epson nozzles and Japanese Ricoh nozzles with relatively high precision on the market. The Japanese Epson nozzles are 2.5pl and the resolution is 2880dpi, and the Ricoh nozzles are 7pl and the resolution is 1440dpi.

2. the accuracy of the uv flatbed printer screw guide

Different brands of screw guides have different precisions. The market is divided into grinding screw and pressing screw. Among them, the grinding screw has high precision. The brands include China normal screw guide, China Taiwan Shangyin screw, Japanese THK brand, etc. Different brands of these have different processing techniques and precision.

3. The physical accuracy and flatness of the uv printing platform

During the printing process, the stability of the body and the flatness of the platform are very important. The poor stability of the fuselage will result in inconsistent print quality, flying ink, etc.

4.the quality of the motor

The quality of the motor of the uv printer is different, the motor is not accurate, and the Y axis is out of synchronization, which will cause the printed product to be crooked, which is what we call the inaccurate diagonal alignment and inaccurate color registration, which is also a very serious problem.

5.the printing speed of uv flatbed printer

In the production process of uv printers, speed is competitiveness. But for the uv printer itself, the faster the better. Because the uv printer itself has three gears, 4pass, 6pass, 8pass, the lower the number of passes, the faster the speed and the lower the accuracy. Therefore, during the operation of the uv printer, the medium speed is generally selected, that is, the printing speed of 6pass to operate.

6. The clarity of the picture material

We all know that UV printers can print a variety of patterns, such as plane effects, 3D relief effects, 8D, 18D effects, etc., then the premise is to have high-definition picture materials. The picture is high-definition, then the print is very high-definition, otherwise, it is very blurred.

The above six factors mainly affect the printing accuracy of UV printers. Of course, there are other factors that have not been mentioned, such as operating environment factors, machine aging factors, etc., which will affect the printing accuracy of UV printers. The above is for reference only, if you are interested, you can consult us in detail.

Post time: Aug-08-2022